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Welcome to the official Wind Chime Films website.

Wind Chime Films is an independent filmmaking project based in Southern California.


12/08/07 - Jaron has finally (!) put a page up for his film We Dance Together on Empty Nights. This was his first film as Writer and Director. Many thanks to all involved in the project; for their hard work and really amazing commitment. Feel free to take a look.

06/02/07 - The National Academy of Televison Arts and Sciences has nominated On the Road for an Emmy in their Outstanding Student Achievement Program. Scroll to the bottom of their page to find a list of the nominees.

05/14/07 - Jaron Eldon's first film as Writer and Director, We Dance Together on Empty Nights, screened at Palomar College today. More information regarding the film is soon to appear.

06/17/06 - On the Road screened at the Young Independent American Filmmakers Film Fest at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido.